Professional Profile:

Marjorie Young, Artist and Art Instructor



I grew up in a home filled with art and craft materials as my mother was a creative and artistic preschool-kindergarten teacher.  Our dining room table was rarely used for dining, as it was usually filled with art and craft supplies and on-going projects.  It was our "go to" area for leisure activities on bad weather days.  My most prized possession was a set of professional Prismacolour pencil crayons, which I received on my 8th birthday.  These pencil crayons allowed me to create drawings and colourings  to tape on the back of my closet door, which became my personal art gallery.  The next year, I received a set of watercolour paints and brushes and my art gallery overflowed onto my bedroom walls.

Over the years,  in addition to drawing and painting, I acquired skills in  print-making, film animation, photography, and jewelry design but I always returned to watermedia painting.  I currently work mainly with acrylics, watercolours and inks on paper and canvas, using both Asian and Western painting styles, and create handcrafted art cards using combinations of origami, iris fold, embossing and pop-up technques.


  • B.A., Linguistics & Asian Studies, UBC

  • M.Sc., Speech Sciences, UBC

  • Fine Arts, Langara College

  • Applied Fine Arts, Vancouver City College


Art Memberships:

  • ArtsBC

  • Artists in Canada

  • Canadian Artists Representation, BC  (CARFAC-BC)

  • Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA)

  • Richmond Art Gallery (RAG)

  • Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG)

 Selected Juried Exhibtions:

  • 2018: FCA Art Pods, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

  • 2016: RAG, Richmond City Hall Atrium, Richmond, BC

  • 2015: Hycroft Gallery, University Women's Club, Vancouver, BC

  • 2014: CACR Exhibit, Thompson Centre, Richmond, BC

  • 2013: CACR Exhibit, Thompson Centre, Richmond, BC

  • 2012: FCA Member Show, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

  • 2011: Artisan Galleria, Steveston, BC


Work Experience:

  • Private practice speech-language pathologist, 1985-2015, illustrating therapy materials and  using art as therapy with the communicatively impaired, Vancouver, BC 1985-2015

  • Art Instructor, Kerrisdale and Marpole Community Centres, Vancouver, BC, 1990-1995; 2017 Art Residency with Artists in Kerrisdale.

  • Art Director, A Little Night Music Orchestra, Vancouver, BC, 1998-2019


Gallery Representation:

  • Pacific Arts Market, Vancouver, BC. 1448 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC.

  •  Federation of Canadian Artists, 1241 Cartwright St.,  Granville Is., Vancouver, BC.

Awards, Donations,  & Publications:

  • 2019 Honorarium, Multifaith Calendar,  Edition: "Connections"

  • 2016 Honorarium, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond City Hall Exhibition

  • 2016 Multifaith Calendar, 30rd Anniversary Edition: "Gratitude"

  • 2015 Honorarium, Multifaith Society of Canada

  • 2010 Honorarium, Unitarian Church of Canada

  • 2010 Unitarian Church calendar, theme:  "Music and Art"