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Artist's Statement:


Inspiration comes from connections with nature, family, travel, and the exploration of universal  themes.  I work in various media, including acrylics, watercolours, pastels and graphite.

Selected Exhibitions, Submissions & Publications

  • "Resilience": 2022 Multi-faith calendar

  •  "Living Legacies": 2021 Multi-faith calendar

  • "Peace & Harmony":  2020 Multi-faith calendar

  • "Connections": 2019 Multi-faith calendar

  • "Inspiration": 2018 Multi-faith calendar

  • "Renewal": 2016, Jewish Community Centre, Vancouver, BC

  • "Love & Compassion": 2016 Multi-faith calendar

  • "Dancing in the Light": 2015 exhibition, Richmond City Hall, Richmond, BC

  • "A Walk in the Woods": 2015 exhibition, University Women's Club, Vancouver, BC

  • "Watermargins": 2014 exhibition,  Thompson Centre, Richmond, BC

 Please respect the artist's copyright for all images.  I hope you enjoy your visit!